Our vision is that we have to be a market share leader in every market. We will earn this position by providing innovative, high quality and cost effective products to our customers. We will increase the value of these products by providing legendary consumer service through our incompatible commitment to consumer satisfaction.


Through a tech driven and committed professionals, efforts to provide innovative and quality services through working together more than the customer's expectations.


Integrity is our foundation Honesty, integrity, stability and courage are included in a forte.


Honesty :

To be clear and clear in our dealings, to be clear and accurate in our communication and to believe in what we serve.

Decency :

To deal with people with dignity and fairness, listening to others' ideas, opposing ideas, and working with humility to solve problems.

Consistency :

Depend on our commitment to our customers, investors, communities and each other. Be accountable for our actions and strive for excellence.

Courage :

Be brave enough to clarify and actually keep our values alive.


In addition to external regulatory requirements, Latura Electrical Technologies Private Limited has established certain safety and health fundamental requirements to provide equal safety and health standards. We have secured security in all our projects. We believe that we can prevent property damage due to accidental injuries, business disorders and proper safety, planning and compliance with our security program.

We believe that the personal responsibility of each employee is to work for itself, their family and their colleagues to prevent accidents, which cause personal injury or property damage. We encourage our teams to use safety helmets, gloves, shoes, belts, depending on the nature of the work. All hot work, such as welding and brazing, is not allowed without fire fighting equipment, gloves and cover for eyes. First aid techniques are taught to team leaders and all sites take first aid boxes Without the following security principles, we will not be able to achieve performance levels on our projects. 

Quality Control

In a tech enterprises, we aim to achieve the goal of "zero defect" and do not believe in the general assumption of receiving "acceptable quality level", which allows certain flaws by definition

A tech Enterprise has adopted total quality management, an organization extensively strives to increase quality in every activity through continuous improvement

A tech Entrepreneurs are encouraged to work in areas and businesses, as well as improvements to customers and suppliers.

For example, one of our techniques will include members of non-participating teams who have been named "fault finders". 

Project Planning

This is the stage that designs the implementation process. It is in this phase that details of the details of implementation of the decision have been taken. Time schedule for the project, dead line, etc. Project plan is developed

Roles are identified and responsibilities are assigned. The organizational resources used for the implementation efforts are decided and the members of the team who are considered for the implementation are identified and work is allocated.

This is the phase in which 'what to do' in the case of contingencies, how to monitor the progress of implementation, which control measures should be established and what corrective action should be taken to get out of control. The entire implementation life cycle will be monitored continuously and it will be reviewed by the management directly until satisfactory completion. 


Motivation is the process that accounts for a person's intensity, direction and persistence.

A Tech Enterprises believes that appropriately designing jobs can have a positive impact on both employee satisfaction and quality of performance. The same is true for goal setting

The organization has strong and qualified work force. It offers training to all employees on new technologies and working guidelines.

The management after its continuous interaction with employees is to create an environment, which is friendly but demanding, caring but strict, encouraging but critical

Passion for work, honesty in deeds, and interaction for improvement are what we at A Tech Enterprises believe, can achieve our goals of prosperity